Principal’s Profile

Principal’s Profile

Dr.CH Ramakrishnamacharya M.D , in Kayachikitsa & Ph.D in Phyto-Pharmacology and Therapeutics is heading the Institution.

Principal and medical superintendent

Date of Birth 02-04-1957,
Qualification: M.D Kayachikitsa, 1985, Ph.D Phytochemistry, 1998
Registration No: 0885 (Tamil Nadu Board of Indian Medicine),
Date of Joining: 01-09-2015
Mobile Number: 9444960308
Email ID:
Address: 275 S P Avenue, Poonamalee. Chennai 600056, Mobile No 9444960308.

He is also,

  • Member and President, Faculty of Ayurveda- The Tamil Nadu Dr.MGR Medical University, Chennai
  • Senate Member- The Tamil Nadu Dr.MGR Medical University, Chennai
  • Member-Board of studies- Ayurveda, The Tamil Nadu Dr.MGR Medical University, Chennai
  • Member-Standing Academic Board, The Tamil Nadu Dr.MGR Medical University, Chennai
  • Examiner-Ayurveda Course BAMS examinations- The Tamil Nadu Dr.MGR Medical University, Chennai
  • Member Examinations, Selection- The Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission, Chennai
  • Member- Indian Medical Practitioners Co-Op Stores, Chennai
  • Former Senior Vice President, All India Ayurveda Congress Tamil Nadu Chapter, Chennai

Paper Presentations & Seminars

  • Presented scientific papers and Participated in National and International Scientific Medical Seminars, Conferences etc
  • Chaired and Co-Chaired in National and International Scientific Medical Seminars, Conferences etc
  • Author for few research papers published in National and International Medical Journals
  • Editor and resource person for Ayurveda in Mother and Child health Published by UNICEF
  • Trainer and resource person for Ayurveda in Maternity Management, Mother and Child health program in Tamil Nadu
  • Co-ordinator for Continuance Medical Education Programme and ROTP program Conducted at Govt. Anna Hospital of Indian Medicine, Chennai sponsored by Dept. of AYUSH, and Rasthriya Ayurveda Parishad New Delhi
  • Member- Selection Committee for Ayurveda Faculty (Teachers) Recruitment, Tamil Nadu Government
  • Guide for Ph D research in Ayurveda faculty at Shree Chandrasekharendra Saraswathi Maha Vishwa Vidyalaya (Deemed University), Kanchipuram

About Ayurveda

Ayurveda is the oldest science of medicine which emphasizes greatly on prevention rather than cure. It is said to be the Upaveda of Atharvaveda, due to this fact this system of medicine possess a unique feature of being holistic, eternal, and practical. Ayurveda has its origin from the Vedas and flowing through the great classics called samhithas of great Acharyas of Ayurveda as Charaka, Susrutha and Vaghbatta. This system has its nucleus in the theory of panchamahabootas – the basic five elements of the nature and the three humors of the body -vata, pitta and kapha in relation to the humans and the materials which he uses to live. Ayurvedic medicine has spectrum of therapies including treatment both internally and externally. Ayurveda is based on purification of body in natural way and the environment created removes all toxins and helps to regain natural tolerance and resistance toward helps to rejenuvate your body and regain your health. Ayurveda focuses mainly on lifestyle changes, diet patterns, yoga and pranayama for maintaining healthy life span. Evidences from text and vedas reveal the history of surgeries such as rhinoplasty, suturing, extracting foreign bodies, kidney stone removal etc. therefore the Ayurveda Vaidya Acharya Susrutha is considered as the Father of Surgery.

Founder Chairman Message

Education is the corner stone of economic development and prosperity. Technical and professional education is arrow to improve all aspects of life. Sairam group of Institutions under the auspices of its trust Sapthagiri Educational Trust has setup its professional Institutions which shall help in creating quality professionals and citizens capable of Making India a developed Nation. That is the purpose of establishing Sri Sairam Ayurveda Medical College and Research Centre to protect the Indian System of Medicine and develop it globally. Since our inception in 2001, Our College has fulfilled the accepted norms of CCIM. Today ours is one of foremost colleges in Tamilnadu, with strong links to academia, Clinical Training and the Research. It has top rate study, social and sporting facilities. Keeping in view the global corporate challenges, Our College provides the students a nurturing environment, the right atmosphere to build their talents so as to improve their clinical skills, communication skills and become a self confident Ayurvedic Doctors when they leave the Institution.