Other Facilities

Panchakarma Theatre

This is a full furnished theatre consisting of equipments and drugs, dhara yantra, vasti yantra, vamana, virechana and nasya table, massage table, steamer, nadi swedana yantra, and other facilities for conducting treatment for various diseases.


For the emergency purposes hospital causality is being provided with 24*7 ECG facility to monitor the patient with acute illness.


A good laboratory facility with all necessary reagents and stains for microbiological and pathological investigations is available.



For orthopedic and other clinical investigations involving chest, abdomen, kub, separate lounge for xray runs 24*7.

Operation Theatre

A well established operation theatre with all required equipments provides both pre operative and operative facility.operation theatre also consists of cssd room (central sterile supply department) for sterilization purposes.procedures like hemorrhoidectomy, fistulectomy, hysterectomy, excisional procedures, incision and drainage, herniorhaphy, lateral sphincterotomy are performed frequently under the supervision of anesthetist, visiting consultants and surgeons.

Labour Room

Normal vaginal delivery and caesarian section are being performed under the guidance of obstetrician and pediatrician for the post natal care of both mother and the newborn.


A well furnished causality with minor ot attached to it serves 24*7 services to acute and emergency cases.


Well furnished pharmacy with both ayurvedic and allopathy medicines from the best pharmaceutical companies provides 24*7 facility.


24*7 ambulance facility with equipment’s for handling emergency and trauma care is provided in our hospital.


Proper dietic care to both inpatient and outsiders is provided all days.

Free Pickup Facility

Free pickup facility is provided in outskirts by van for daily care patients and outsiders.

Free Pickup FacilityClick here to view


A good dhobi facility is provided for the convenience of ip patients.