Kriya Shareeram (Physiology)

This department emphasises on the physiological formation and functions of human body. Beyond physical terms in human body, it also deals with other functional criteria such as atma, manas, prakrithi etc. It spotlights the basic element of the body such as dosha, dhatus, malas, srotas, etc…students are clinically trained for various physiological investigations.


A well equipped physiology laboratory with high professional standards of the lab’s facilities, equipment, procedures and staffing is functioning in our campus.

Rachana Shareeram (Anatomy)

This department is engaged in the anatomical study of human body, practical dissection of cadavers, demonstrations through charts and models. Rachana shareeram also deals with marma vignyanam (vital points in the human body), srotas (channels in human body) and stagewise development of human body from birth to death.


A highly modernised anatomy museum with specimens, models, and charts and dissection hall with cadavers is established in our campus.