1. Dr.Ramakrishnamacharya.CH M.D Principal/Superintendent
2. Dr.Vijayaraghava Thanvanthri M.D Kayachikitsa Deputy Superintendent
3. Dr.Rajalakshmi B.A.M.S R.M.O Prasuti tantra & Sthree Roga
4. Dr.Agalya B.A.M.S M.O Kaya chikitsa
5. Dr.Jayajothi B.A.M.S M.O Prasuti tantra & Sthree Roga
6. Dr.Swathy.J B.A.M.S M.O Shalya Tantra
7. Dr.Dayona.D B.A.M.S M.O. Koumara Brityam
8. Dr.Shyamraj B.A.M.S. R.M.O.
9. Dr.Pradeepa.V B.A.M.S R.S.O
10. Dr.Dinass kumar.S.V B.A.M.S R.S.O
11. Dr.Arun S Babu B.A.M.S R.M.O
12. Dr.Shaik Aleem M.D Kayachikitsa Consultant/Vaidya for OPD Kaya Chikitsa
13. Dr.B.Vijayalakshmi M.D. Prasuti Tantra & Stree Roga Consultant/Vaidya for OPD Prasuti tantra & Sthree Roga
14. Dr.Vajralu Venkat Ram reddy M.D.Kayachikitsa Consultant/Vaidya for OPD Panchakarma
15. Dr.Konda Venkata Ramakrishna Reddy M.D.Shalakya Tantra Consultant/Vaidya for OPD Shalakyam
16. Dr.P.Nagaraju M.D.Shalya Tantra Consultant/Vaidya for OPD Shalyam
17. Dr.Indumathi M.D. Koumara Bhrityam Consultant/Vaidya for OPD Koumara Brtyam
18. Dr. Ramya Rajalakshmi M.S.Shalya Tantra Consultant/Vaidya for OPD Shalakyam
19. Dr.Eswaran M.D.(Swastha Vrutta) Consultant/Vaidya for OPD Swastha Vrtta
20. Dr.P.Baskar M.B.B.S Casualty Medical officer Casualty
21. Dr.Sumathy.S M.B.B.S Casualty Medical officer Casualty
22. Dr.Rajasekar M.B.B.S Casualty Medical officer Casualty
23. Mrs Madhavi kutti B.Sc Nursing Matron/ Nursing superintendent
24. Mrs L Geetha B.Sc Nursing Matron I.P.D
25. Ms Nimmy George ANM Asst Matron I.P.D
26. Miss Rabeca Agnes ANM Asst Matron I.P.D
27. Mrs Sasi rekha ANM Staff Nurse I.P.D
28. Miss Aruna Devi ANM Staff Nurse I.P.D
29. Mrs Moni ANM Staff Nurse I.P.D
30. Miss Sophia ANM Staff Nurse I.P.D
31. Miss C.Sathiya ANM Staff Nurse I.P.D
32. Mrs Stella ANM Staff Nurse I.P.D
33. Mrs Leela ANM Staff Nurse I.P.D
34. Miss K Mary simi ANM Staff Nurse I.P.D
35. Mrs M Pushpa ANM Staff Nurse I.P.D
36. Mrs Animol ANM Staff Nurse I.P.D
37. Ms.Pappitha Mary ANM Staff Nurse I.P.D
38. Ms.C.Sahaya Mary ANM Staff Nurse I.P.D
39. Mr Kutty 10th Ward Boy I.P.D
40. Mr Kanniyappan +2 Ward Boy I.P.D
41. Mr Mari +2 Ward Boy I.P.D
42. Mrs Sasikumari +2 Aya/ ANM I.P.D
43. Mrs Ammu 10th Aya/ ANM I.P.D
44. Miss Kalai 10th Aya/ ANM I.P.D
45. Miss P.Aiswarya D.Pharm Pharmacist Pharmacy
46. Mr.Babu Rao B.Pharm Pharmacist Pharmacy
47. Mr.Govindarajan B.pharm Pharmacist Pharmacy
48. Ms. N. Sumithra B.pharm Pharmacist Pharmacy
49. Mr Krishnan +2 Pharmacist Asst Pharmacy
50. Mr Kumar +2 Pharmacist Asst Pharmacy
51. Mr Gunasekar +2 Dresser for OPD O.P.D
52. Mr Kumaran +2 Dresser for OPD O.P.D
53. Mr Arun B.Sc Store keeper Store
54. Ms M.J.Sathya DTP Data Entry Operator Office
55. Mr Srinivasan B.Com Clerk for OPD Office
56. Mr Ravi B.Com Clerk for OPD Office
57. Mr Gopal B.Sc Dark room attender Shalakyam
58. Mr.Rajathi +2 OT Attendant OT
59. Ms Sivaruparani Operation Theater assistant. OT Attendant OT
60. Dr.Padma M.D Medical Specialist
61. Dr.Sivakumaran M.S Surgical Specialist
62. Dr Krithiga Devi M.D,D.G.O Obstetrician and Gynecologist
63. Dr.Sudha M.D.Pathology Pathologist
64. Dr.Mohan M.D Anaesthetist Anaesthetist
65. Dr.Subramany M.D.Opthalmologist Opthalmologist
66. Dr.Kalayarasi M.D. Paediatrics Pediatrician
67. Dr.Saravanan M.D Radiology Radiologist
68. Dr.Rajinikantha Reddy B.D.S Dentist
69. Mr.Suresh Hariharan Certificate course in Radiology X-Ray Technician
70. Mr Rajkumar B.P.T, M.Sc Physiotherapist
71. Dr. Beno M.D Panchakarma Panchakarma vaidya Panchakarma
72. Dr.Sriramakrishnan M.D Panchakarma Panchakarma vaidya Panchakarma
73. Dr.Gayathri.G B.A.M.S Clinical Registrar Panchakarma
74. Mrs Renu ANM Panca karma Nurse Panchakarma
75. Mrs Sophia ANM Panca karma Nurse Panchakarma
76. Mr Babu 10th Panca karma Asst Panchakarma
77. Mr Santhanam 9th Panca karma Asst Panchakarma
78. Mrs Mahalakshmi - Panca karma Asst Panchakarma
79. Mrs Sasi - Panca karma Asst Panchakarma
80. Dr.Parnitha M.D.(Swastha Vrutta) Yoga Swastha vrtta
81. Dr.P.Nagaraju M.D Shalya & Kshara Sutra Specialist O.T & Kshara Sutra
82. Dr.R.Jayalekshmi M.S(Shalya Tantra) Shalya & Kshara Sutra Specialist O.T & Kshara Sutra
83. Mr G.Senthil Para medical Theatre asst OT Attendant OT
84. Ms Joymol ANM Staff Nurse O.T
85. Mrs Reena kurian ANM Staff Nurse O.T
86. Mr.Nirmal Kumar B.Sc Nursing Staff Nurse O.T
87. Dr.B.Vijayalakshmi M.D (Prasuti Tantra & Stree Rogam) Prasuti Evum Stree Rogam Specialist Labour Room
88. Dr.P.Salini M.S. (Prasuti Tantra & Stree Rogam) Prasuti Evum Stree Rogam Specialist Labour Room
89. Mrs Elsamma Mid wifary Mid wife Labour Room
90. R.Saraswathy MPhil - Microbiology Microbiologist Clinical Lab
91. Mr.Venkatraj DMLT Lab technician Clinical Lab
92. Ms Ruth Lecintha DMLT Lab technician Clinical Lab
93. Mr Prakash +2 Attendant
94. Dr.R.Magesh M.D (Bhaisajya Kalpanam) Superintendent – pharmacy Teaching Pharmacy
95. Mr Saravanan +2 Attendant Teaching Pharmacy
96. Mrs Kalyani +2 Workers Teaching Pharmacy
97. Mrs Alamelu +2 Workers Teaching Pharmacy
98. M. Menaka B.Sc (Chemistry) Analytical Chemist Teaching Pharmacy
99. Mr.Loganathan Mphil Botany Pharmacognosist Teaching Pharmacy
100. Mrs Kavitha ANM Nurse for OPD OPD
101. Mrs Siva sundari ANM Nurse for OPD OPD
102. Mrs Anjali ANM Nurse for Gynec OPD OPD
103. Mr Rajan DEEE Electrician
104. Mrs.Chandra Safaiwala for OPD OPD
105. Mrs Pavalakodi - Safaiwala for OPD OPD
106. Miss Rabeca Agnes ANM Labour room attender Prasuti tantra & Sthree Roga
107. Mrs Sasi rekha ANM Labour room attender Prasuti tantra & Sthree Roga
108. Mrs Kuppammal - Safaiwala
109. Mrs Easwari 10th Safaiwala
110. Mrs Mari +2 Safaiwala
111. Annammal +2 Safaiwala
112. Muniyammal +2 Safaiwala
113. Mrs Vijaya.M 4th Safaiwala
114. Mrs Mala +2 Safaiwala
115. Mrs S Kancana 10th Safaiwala
116. Mrs Sundari 10th Safaiwala
117. Mrs Suguna 10th Safaiwala
118. Chitra M.SC Statistician
119. Selvam B.A Photographer

Facilities in the Hospital

Departmentwise OPD

Our Hospital attached to the college is functioning benefiting many.This Hospital has Five O.P.D. Departments for

In a year about 50,000 patients get benefited in this O.P.D. Departments. In these Departments, free consultation is offered and minimal cost is charged for the medicines.

Departmentwise IPD

The I.P.Department has capacity of 100 beds and on an average 1,600 patients get benefited in a year.

Peripheral OPD

Free Peripheral O.P. at Dharkast is functioning from December 2003 benefiting about 40 to 50 patients on Mondays and Thursdays.

1. A Free Peripheral O.P. center is functioning from 2006 with the support and co-operation extended by Mudichur Panchayath Union,for 2 days in a week - Tuesday, and Friday benefiting about 40 - 50 patients per day.

A.G. Hospital – Tambaram
Voluntary Health Services – Adyar

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